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Since April 2007, almost 20,000 people have benefited from our training and consultancy programmes.

Stonegate Training Consultancies director, Debbie Garvey's background includes practitioner roles in the maintained, voluntary and private sectors, as well as facilitating, developing and delivering training, parent support, setting up new childcare and developing a children’s information service. She was one of the original writers of the Leeds Quality Assurance framework.

Debbie is an active and enthusiastic supporter of the quality improvement agenda and has facilitated many workshops and training events and spoken on the subject at several conferences.

Debbie regularly contributes work to various publications in the field. Debbie was a founder member of, and continues to be an active member of, the National Quality Improvement Network (NQIN), which is managed by the National Children’s Bureau (NCB).

In January 2007, Debbie set up Stonegate Training Consultancies to advocate quality provision for children, young people and families, alongside quality training experiences for the dedicated practitioners who work with them.

Debbie has recently co-authored a book supporting leadership skills in the early years and play sector. The book is entitled Leadership for Quality by Debbie Garvey & Andrea Lancaster, and is published by National Children’s Bureau.

Debbie is also an active trainer, writer and speaker on the subject of leadership, mentoring, team building and reflective practice, and the roles these play in quality improvement for the early years education, childcare and playwork sectors.


Current Training Courses

Below is a list of what we are currently rolling out, but please do not hesitate to contact us for our comprehensive list.

Social, Emotional Aspects of Development link
Leadership in Early Years & Playwork link
Reflective Practice link
Children's Rights link
Risk & Challenge link
Empathy Doll link
Mentoring & Leadership link
Training 4 Trainers link



Latest Publications

Debbie Garvey and Andrea Lancaster

Leadership for Quality in Early Years and Playwork

Supporting your team to achieve better outcomes for children and families

It is widely acknowledged that children make better progress in settings where there is strong leadership, and improvement progress in

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